Vouchers & Gift Cards-

    • Groupon vouchers: first-time clients only
      • Groupon will refund clients who have purchased multiple and are not first-time clients
      • Groupons cannot be applied to or exchanged with any other service
      • Bloom Wellness will only take Groupons from returning clients if they’ve paid the difference in amount for what the appointment worth is
        • why?
          • Groupon is a promotion tool to gain first-time clients
          • Bloom Wellness could not run a business and stay open with prices that undercut the team that operates the facilities which are held to extreme standards of excellence and cleanliness
    • Groupon is only valid Monday-Friday
    • Cancelations of appointments must adhere to the following rules for no late-fee charges or voided gift card actions to occur:
      • 24hrs for cancelation Monday-Friday.
      • 48hrs Saturday & Sunday.
      • 72hrs for “spa parties” of 4 or more party members.
    • No exceptions (sick, emergency, etc) for LATE or NO-SHOW appointments
    • GIFT CARDS & VOUCHERS are subject to a 100% voided amount depending on circumstance that is determined by Bloom Wellness management
    • Bloom Wellness reserves the right to not accept repeat offending clients of “no-show” or “late cancellation”
    • Late Fee charges are 50% cost of the appointment scheduled
      • why?
        • Answer: Our team is paid to show up for the scheduled appointment