Soul Reset ‘New Years Day’ $199

    Whenever we lose touch with our souls, that vital spark of life within us, we may feel restless, exhausted,  and anxious. Take a reset for your soul:


    • 75min
    • hot towels
    • aromatherapy choices

    Detox Sauna Experience

    • 30min
    • sound frequency
    • custom scent &detox experience

    Private Yoga & Sound Meditation

    • Based on your specific needs, a custom yoga & sound meditation class to reset the soul

    **Only Experience offered on 1/1/23

    Luxurious spa treatments will revitalize the body, mind & soul!

    **Spa Amenities included

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    • *OPTIONS

      • 199 $
      • 398 $


    🕯🧘Perfect balance of relaxation, rejuvenation & intention

    Available Dates to Book: December 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023


    **All of the “Soul Reset” programs are personalized. Inclusions and daily schedules might vary after determining the guest’s physical and mental needs and requests