1 Class $25


    5 Classes $99


    10 Classes $165


    20 Classes $279


    Please read through the Bloom Yoga terms and conditions on our website thoroughly before enrolling or purchasing classes. When enrolling as a student of Bloom Yoga you agree to our terms and conditions.


    Bloom Yoga Checklist

    Be Prepared with water, towel, mat for class (no rentals at this time)

    Be on Time for class (late students will not be permitted into class)

    Be Respectful of space protocols & mindful of self post-class (keep your sweat to yourself)

    Time Efficient in space (come yoga ready for class, no showers at this time to respect the Spa Clients in the space)

    Check-in before class at the front desk

    We are so excited to have you back!

    Yoga Studio Etiquette

    The 3 B's of Bloom Yoga

    Book Ahead

    • Walk-ins are accepted however classes will fill up ahead of time due to small class sizes
    • Mindbody & are the only accepted ways to sign up for class
    • Please come yoga-ready with your clothes prepared as locker room time is limited and showers are not currently available for yoga students
    • Students must have ‘class pack’ or ‘drop-in’ to attend class
    • Yoga students are required to provide their own yoga mat and yoga towel
      • No rentals
      • Water Bottles, Yoga Mats & Yoga Towels are for sale

    Be On Time

    • Arrive 15 minutes before class
      • students will be asked to not arrive earlier for distancing purposes
    • Late Students will not be permitted into class more than 5-minutes into class start time
      • Late students will have class deducted from class pack

    Be Respectful

    • Positive attitude towards space and others
    • Follow Bloom Wellness class and space protocols
    • Bloom Yoga is a scent-free facility, no perfumes or odorous smells
    • Keep personal items in lockers
    • Come prepared (yoga ready) for class, limit locker room use
      • no shower use post-class at this time